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Dear GoJo Clan Friends,


We're excited to see you at the first of our new year of productions--COLLECTED STORIES by Pulitzer Prize winner, Donald Margulies. Julia Boyes and Robin Gorn (from GoJo's production of DOUBT) are together again, featured in this award-winning drama.


We look forward to seeing our library regulars at "Strange Bedfellows"--comprised of THE DUCK VARIATIONS by David Mamet and DREAM LOVERS by Albi Gorn. This co-production with our friends M&M Performing Arts Company features Bruce Apar, Ed Friedman, Albi Gorn & Roberta Robinson.


We are so grateful for your continued love and support! If you haven't yet seen it, our 2019 production with Axial Theatre of "Back to the Garden" by Albi Gorn, a modern retelling of the Biblical story of Adam and Eve can be accessed by clicking on the name of the play. Enjoy!


Be well, stay safe! 

We look forward to seeing you this year at a theatre near you!


Robin Anne Joseph and Albi Gorn

GoJo Clan Productions


GoJo Clan Productions is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.  Your donations are not only tax-deductable, they help us bring quality theatre to the New York Metro area and they contribute to our dream of bringing together our shared human experience through theatre. 

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Thank you for being a

GoJo Clan Productions Supporter!

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Anne Marx Glickman and Enid Breis in Robin Anne Joseph's Something to Lose

Thank you for being a

GoJo Clan Productions Supporter!

If you choose one of these options below, please let us know if your preference is either:


 Yes! I would love some GoJo Swag and/or here's how to spell my name for the future programs!


No, thanks--I love me some GoJo Clan theatre,

but can do without the swag!



$25 will get you our undying gratitude and an official thank you in future programs!

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$50 will get you our undying gratitude, an official thank you in future programs, and an official GoJo Clan tote bag.

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$100 will get you our undying gratitude, an official thank you in future programs, an official GoJo Clan tote bag and a GoJo Clan highlighter pen.

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$200 will get you our undying gratitude, an official thank you in our program, an official GoJo Clan tote bag, a highlighter pen, and our limited edition GoJo swag--our Back to the Garden t-shirt!

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Or any other amount you would care to donate . . .

anything and everything is very much appreciated!

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