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GoJo Clan Productions


GoJo Clan Productions produces professional productions of original and published plays presented at venues throughout the New York metro area.


GoJo Clan Productions builds on the shared and individual theatre experiences of its founding partners Albi Gorn and Robin Anne Joseph over a combined 90 years as writers, actors, directors, and producers working under the auspices of other theaters and production companies inNew York City and the lower Hudson Valley. Their guiding philosophy for GoJo Clan Productions is:

We believe that theatre can be a window into the heart and soul. The expression of the playwright's psyche, the inner workings of an actor's craft, the careful guidance of a director's hand, the subtle support of the technician's stagecraft--all work together to uncover truths about our worlds and to explore our unique stories and our shared humanity.

In that spirit of collaboration, GoJo Clan Productions will present its theatrical productions in theaters and performance venues that are established as local cultural resources in their respective communities across the broad New York metro area. These affiliations allow GoJo to focus its creative efforts and resources on three objectives: 1) developing and producing plays by known and unknown writers; 2) expanding the creative capacities of community-based venues and 3) expanding live theatre offerings to those venues' local audiences.

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